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Where to Keep Documents While Traveling to Avoid Getting into Trouble

When we were traveling in India, a bag was stolen from our friend. It contained documents, money and an expensive camera. I had to go to the embassy and restore everything. Since there were no documents, she had to bring 2 people to confirm her identity. And if she did not have such people, the process would be delayed.

In order not to waste time, effort and money, keep documents in safe places. But beyond that, you need copies of your documents. Paper copies may be lost with the originals. Therefore, we will not waste time on copying.

Digital documents

You must have digital documents. To do this, you need to scan or photograph them and upload them to your phone. In addition to passports, now you need various certificates, test results, QR codes … It is very convenient if you have all the documents at hand.

How without a phone?

Anything can happen while traveling, and the loss or theft of your phone is no exception. In this case, you will not be able to use all your documents downloaded to the phone.

Therefore, in addition to storing documents on your phone, you need to upload them to the cloud storage. Then, in any case, you can go online and download your documents. The main thing is not to forget the password for your cloud account. There are a bunch of different cloud storages for example from Mail.Ru or Yandex. You can also email documents to yourself.

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