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Where to buy excursions in Turkey to avoid troubles and save money?

what to do in Turkey if I was tired of the hotel, and one of the entertainment options mentioned going to the excursion. Some people dont even need these excursions. They paid for the all inclusive tour. Guided tours are not included in this system. Therefore, they do not want to spend extra money, because everything has been paid for.

Others hate excursions. And they draw an analogy with a herd of sheep. They bring a whole bus of tourists to an interesting place. Everyone quickly takes photos and then takes the bus back to another location.

It is really difficult to relax and enjoy the trip. And taking a photo against the background of other people taking pictures is not the most pleasant experience.

In October I was in Turkey and took an excursion. I liked it despite the disadvantages described above. For $ 25, we visited the Green Canyon, Mosque, Dam, orange garden, saw how Turkish cakes are made and other interesting places.

On the Green Canyon we went for a boat trip. True, the canyon was not green due to forest fires, but it was also good. By the way, the price of the excursion included lunch, where, in addition to side dishes, you could take barbecue or salmon.

Where to buy excursions?

There are several options, and the easiest one is to buy an excursion from a hotel guide. The simplest and most expensive. If Im not mistaken, then such an excursion would cost us $ 40.

You can go outside next to the hotel and ask the price for their excursions. On the street we were offered this tour for 35 dollars. Hotel guides say that your insurance does not apply to such tours, but I think they are cunning.

We found a company on the Internet. It was the most popular tour company in Turkey. So we were able to save money.

You can also skip buying excursions and go explore Turkey on your own. We went to Side on our own and had a great time. To travel on your own, you can take a taxi or rent your own transport. Renting an 8-seater car costs $ 45 per day. We decided it would be easier to take a taxi.

I just suggested options, and the choice of where to buy excursions is yours.

Video from the excursion and more:

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