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Where in Russia as in Europe? Places similar to Europe in Russia

If you want to live in Europe, you dont have to move there. You can also find European architecture at home. Where? Ill tell you everything now. First of all, my choice fell on Vyborg:

Krasnaya Polyana in my beloved Sochi reminds me of Switzerland or Austria … I dont know why, because I have not been to these two countries. But doesnt that sound like Europe?

Perhaps it should have been mentioned first, because this is a window to Europe. St. Petersburg is our own Venice:

I was quite surprised by the city, probably with the most non-European name. But the photo is really impressive, look at the city of Yoshkar-Ola:

Of course, Konigsberg, now Kaliningrad is very similar to Europe. Only over time, it becomes more and more Russian rather than European.

And of course, the capital of our homeland. Where is without Moscow? If there is all the money, then it should be more like Europe than other cities:

The last city does not mention the sources to which I found these places. Perhaps because it is still young. Im talking about the German village in Krasnodar. You really feel like in Europe there. And this is noticeable, for example, in the prices in cafes and by taxi to or from there. Better, of course, to see it once, so watch my video from the German Village in Krasnodar:

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