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What you need to know if you are going on vacation to Abkhazia

points de-renderblock Okay, Im kidding, of course. There, of course, various excesses are possible, but lets think that everything will be fine. And so it will be.

Mind for the trip

I often visit Abkhazia and I like to go there. I always make sure everything goes smoothly, which is usually the case. Abkhazians are friendly and hospitable. Once my friend had a fight with the locals. This is possible if you drink chacha with wine. But he was simply taken to the border and left there. Not to say that they were kicked out of Abkhazia … they just asked to leave. Usually, if you dont start to “ download rights& # 39; they will treat you well.

Those who love nature should go to Abkhazia. If you intend to enjoy a comfortable stay in luxury hotels, choose another country. Cash or map?

Now in Abkhazia there are more and more points where you can pay for purchases with a card, but cash rubles are most valued there. I didn’t see ATMs there, maybe I just didn’t pay attention. Here you need to strike a balance: do not take a lot of cash, but at the same time take enough to be enough. Alternatively, go to Russia and withdraw money there.


Abkhazia is a different country and roaming operates there. The last time my friend was charged 1,500 rubles from his phone, because he accidentally went online and downloaded 2 megabytes. It is worthwhile to connect a special tariff in advance or use the phone, only at points where there is Wi-Fi.


There are delicious local wines in Abkhazia, but they probably wont be sold to you. They are usually kept for themselves, and powdered wines are sold to tourists. Good wine leaves no residue when smeared on the palm of your hand and turns gray-green when you add baking soda.


You can enter Abkhazia with a Russian passport. You do not need a visa for this. If you enter with your passport, then they may not be allowed to enter Georgia. And if you are in Georgia, then do not tell anyone that you have visited Abkhazia.


  • As I said earlier, you shouldnt be rude to hot Abkhazians.
  • No need to leave your belongings unattended.
  • Girls should not move alone at night.
  • If traveling by car, do not leave valuable things (including the DVR) in sight. And do not leave the car unattended for a long time.
  • You shouldnt walk drunk at night.

Following these simple rules will give you a great rest!

We went to Abkhazia immediately after the opening of the borders. Heresa video from there:

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