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What to do in Turkey if you are tired of the hotel?

and other countries that offer all-inclusive vacations. For travelers, passive relaxation looks negative. Beach – hotel, hotel – beach and all this is accompanied by belly stuffing.

Plus, the Turks add oil: They play Russian songs at discos, creating a full presence in Russia. Flew a thousand miles and ended up at home again.

I visited Turkey for the second time and now this country is opening up for me in a new way. And new interesting sides appear.

What to do in Turkey?

For some, the beach-hotel route can also be useful. Some run around at work and may benefit from passive rest. But if you are for an active holiday or do not want to gain kilograms, then welcome outside the hotel.

The first and most obvious option is excursions. We took the tour not from the guide, and not at the travel agency around the corner, but found a company on the Internet. It turned out much cheaper and we visited a bunch of interesting places.

If you dont want to wander with crowds of tourists like you, you can go on ones own. We took a taxi and went for a walk around Side. We found interesting places without a guide and were able to enjoy them for as long as we wanted.

A slightly more expensive option is to rent a car or a scooter. You can find a car for a day for $ 45. But looking at the map, we realized that there was nothing special to see next to us. Therefore, when choosing a hotel, pay attention to the location.

And one more discovery that was not made by me. My fiancee spent time shopping. In Turkey, the bazaar trades like a stock exchange, and as a result, you can buy things quite cheaply. There are, for example, high-quality fakes, which are much better than Chinese ones.

Also in Turkey I would like to visit Cappadocia and Istanbul. Well, I bring to your attention fragments of a trip from Turkey:

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