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What drinks stewardesses never drink or advise passengers

It would seem that the plane is a miracle of nature. A large iron bird that can fly across the sky. For passengers, especially those who rarely fly, there is a certain amount of romance in an airplane flight. And the stewardesses take and dump the inside of this romance into the public domain. However, I think the information contained in this article will be useful to you.

Tomato juice

Im not a fan of tomato juice, but on airplanes, I usually only take it. If you also choose tomato juice on the plane, you will be wondering why most of them order it on flights. But as it turns out, some flight attendants never drink tomato juice due to the high sodium content. Allegedly due to the consumption of foods containing sodium, joints swell.

Alcoholic drinks

Youve probably heard that you shouldnt drink alcoholic beverages on board. Airplanes have dry air and dehydration occurs. Since alcoholic beverages cause dehydration, drinking them will only make your body worse.

Tea, coffee, can we dance?

When next time you fly to the plane and talk to the flight attendant, ask her if they drink hot drinks. As far as I know, they prefer to refuse them. The fact is that hot water tanks are located next to the toilet and are never washed. Such a tea party.

What to choose from drinks?

you should stop on the water. And not from tanks, but from a bottle. Also an interesting tip is to drink ginger ale on the plane. This is Ginger Ale. Good for receptors and for a variety of medical reasons. What do you usually order on board?

Our flight to Turkey by plane:

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