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Moving to Krasnodar. Should you move or try on the disadvantages

I have already gone from the decision to move to Krasnodar to the implementation of my plan, so I can tell you about my steps … If my story helps you, then I will only be glad. So, like it and move on.

Is it worth moving?

Krasnodar has many advantages over other cities, but it also has its drawbacks. To avoid unpleasant surprises, you need to taste these flaws. But you wont be able to do it remotely. Therefore, advice number 1 – live in Krasnodar.

Perhaps this is the most logical and even banal advice, but some do not follow it. Some people buy apartments remotely. They see the price of real estate and compare it to their city. Therefore, buyers close their eyes that the apartment, for example, on the 5th floor without an elevator, there is no infrastructure nearby, and the city area is constantly flooded.

Taste the disadvantages

You have to live with it. Possibly for the rest of your life. Therefore, come to Krasnodar, and go during rush hour to the place of the proposed work. By the way, if you live far from work, most likely you will not be hired. Location anchoring is acute.

Traffic jams? Yes, nonsense. Thats what I thought when I heard about Krasnodar traffic jams. But when I stood in them, I immediately excluded several districts of the city for buying an apartment there.


Outside the window it is + 35-40 degrees or more, but it is felt at 100. Come to enjoy the weather. Stay in traffic in this heat. Breathe in the dust of the roads near your future home.


backyard fine weather, I advise you to come back in winter. Youve already enjoyed the heat, so its time to enjoy the cold and mud.

Quick tip

You can choose an apartment for a long time, come to Krasnodar in winter and summer and take a closer look at the area of ​​the city. At this time, no one will freeze real estate prices. If I had bought an apartment a couple of months earlier, I could have saved 20 percent. If I had bought an apartment a couple of months later, then by about the same amount.

As an option, buy a fast profitable option. Live in Krasnodar and decide that you need another district or another city. Sell ​​an apartment and buy wherever you like it. That is, without losing money. If you buy an apartment on a mortgage, you can also sell it with an encumbrance.

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And here is the pearl of Krasnodar:

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