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Moved to Krasnodar and made a strange conclusion why there is no need to move here


I lived in Sochi and I wanted a bigger apartment. In Sochi, I looked at many options. I liked one, but the owner changed his mind at the last moment, and a little later laid out an apartment for 500 thousand more.

There were more options in Krasnodar … And they were really diverse. Almost everyone had their own unique pluses, but they could not do without minuses.

As a result, I picked up an apartment for myself and I like it. I am looking at a new city, but I do it very slowly, because I work from home. I prefer to spend weekends at the sea, since its not far from it, and its summer outside. Walking down the street, I suddenly caught myself on an interesting thought.

Strange conclusion

Why do people move south at all? Because its warm in the south. People from the north think, “ We have terrible weather in the city. Its so cold that I dont want to leave the house. “

Today the temperature in Krasnodar is 40 degrees above zero and I think that northerner who didn't want to go out because it's cold, will not want to go out because it's very hot. It is more pleasant for me to sit under the air conditioner than to go out into the heat and stuffiness. So do you need to change north to south if you spend most of your time within 4 walls?

because its hot or because its cold. Or maybe you dont want to leave because of what is in Russia?

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