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How to fly over your city in a small plane?

You can find many options to feel life. For some, the acuteness of life is felt on the shores of the azure sea, someone loves to rush from a steep mountain on skis or snowboard … And I like to fly.

I found an ad on flights on small aircraft and immediately caught fire. I wanted to surprise my loved one and arrange a date in heaven.

What do you need to do to fly over the city by plane?

  • You need to go to a search engine, or Instagram and enter the appropriate query. (Example: flying by plane in Krasnodar)
  • You will find several campaigns providing similar services. You must choose the one you like based on the price and program. Well, reviews.
  • Then you need to call the company and book a date. You can, for example, select additional options. I was offered pivots.
  • We arrive at the airfield, go through safety procedures and sign the documents.
  • Lets fly.

How much does it cost?

There is a wide range of prices in different cities. Therefore, it is better to find out individually. Moreover, I chose the flight only for the two of us, and additionally took a photographer and videographer. But there is an opportunity to chip in with friends and not take additional services. It will be much cheaper, but together it will be more fun.

By the way, I advise you to read the post on my Instagram profile on the topic of small aircraft:

Who said people dont fly? There would be a desire and you will succeed, Spread your wings! Heres a video of how it happened:

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