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He lived in Sochi and Krasnodar. Comparing Where is Better to Move

I really once broke loose and moved from my city to Sochi. At first I moved to St. Petersburg, but this is a slightly different story and today I want to touch on the south of Russia.

Then the prices were adequate. If you compare them with today, you can say that it was very cheap. It was cheaper for me to pay for a mortgage than to rent a similar apartment and I went to the bank.

As it turned out later, this is one of my most profitable investments. Since investments have multiplied at least 3 times.

Everything was fine. Sea, nature and all the pluses of life in Sochi. There was only one drawback. The apartment I bought was very small. When I wanted to buy a bigger apartment, prices had already gone up. I compared prices for apartments in Krasnodar and bought an apartment there.

Now I live in Krasnodar and a little spoiler: I would like to live in Sochi more.

The advantages of living in Krasnodar

For those who like to travel to the sea, it is quite possible, even if you do not have a personal car. You can travel by train, bus or, for example, a blah blah car.

In Sochi, of course, it was possible to reach the sea on foot, but in Krasnodar it is not so inaccessible as in other regions. Moreover, you can go not only to the Black Sea, but also to the Azov Sea. Haha, funny: plus Krasnodar is out of town. And if you compare this plus with Sochi, Kras is clearly losing.

When I think about all the advantages of Krasnodar, they somehow overlap with its disadvantages. It seems like a good climate, but it seems like hellish heat giving way to hellish cold. It seems like architecture and all the pluses of a big city, but while you get to them through traffic jams, they can change to minus.

The biggest plus, which became decisive in favor of moving to Krasnodar, these are real estate prices. If not for the attractive prices, I would have stayed in Sochi further. Whats so good about Sochi?

Advantages of living in Sochi

We have already found out about the sea. I could reach him in half an hour from my first apartment.

There are mountains in Krasnaya Polyana. When you are tired of the sea, you can go to the mountains. I love hiking and thats a great plus. Sochi has amazing nature and climate.

As far as I remember, Sochi has the cleanest air of all cities in Russia. And you can drink water from the tap. Walking along the mountainous terrain in Sochi can significantly improve your health. And health is very important.

When choosing a city to live in, I would choose the one where I will be healthier. Therefore, I am thinking of taking a house in Sochi. Please like it, so Ill make money on it faster ?

My detailed video about the pros and cons of living in Sochi:

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